What is Earnest Productions?

Earnest Productions was formed in 1982 as the producer of The Importance of Being Wilde in New York City. It has gone forth to present plays, musical events, dinner theater, mysteries and school programs in New England, the Midwest and Switzerland.

Among the events produced in Vermont are The Spaghetti Murder Mystery (adapted from Animal Crackers and the longest running show in Vermont), Murder on the Green Mountain Express (3 year run) , Cabaret Shakespeare (most performances in Vermont), The Gods of the Hills (by Ethan Allen) and Mixed Nuts.

About Jim Hogue

The actor/manager for Earnest Productions, Jim Hogue, is a stage veteran who has also directed several productions. He may be seen currently on Dutch television as Jim Hogue – The Vermont
(Metropolis TV) Mr. Hogue will be featured in two up-coming documentaries about Vermont History and independence. He operates a small farm, trains his Arabian horse Herald, and hosts a radio program on Monday mornings at 8:30 on WGDR.org.