In Performance

The Gods of the Hills: Ethan Allen as portrayed by Jim Hogue

This performance is The Narrative of Ethan Allen’s Captivity written in 1778 by Colonel Allen.

During the Revolutionary War, and after the battles of Lexington and Concord, Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga in May 1775. This was the first fort taken by the Americans. On September 24, 1775 in Montreal, Canada, Ethan was captured and kept on British prison ships. The British barely kept him alive, then two and a half years later he was exchanged for a colonel and was set free.

Vergennes Opera House
120 Main Street, Vergennes VT 05491

The Vergennes Opera House is certainly part of a grand tradition of community-based “Opera Houses” that served, historically, as cultural centers and performing arts facilities throughout Vermont.

Built in 1897 by, and for the people of Vergennes, it cost $12,000 and took one year to complete. Adorned with the same beautifully painted mainstage curtain you see today, it opened its doors and welcomed many famous people including President Taft and Tiny Tim. It has hosted political rallies and debates, weddings, school graduations, town meetings, and scores of musical and theatrical performances.

Old West Church in Calais, Vermont
Old West Church
West Church Road near the Kent Museum, Calais VT 05648
This is part of the Calais Fall Foliage Festival. Bring your own (covered flame) candles and lanterns!


Click picture for driving directions to Off Center via YouTube

Off Center Theatre
294 North Winooski Ave, Burlington VT 05401
Bring your own (covered flame) candles and lanterns!




Ethan Allen on Horseback