“Made In Vermont” The Movie

Made in Vermont-trailer from Made in Vermont on Vimeo.

“Made in Vermont” is a full-length motion picture comedy about some eccentric Vermonters who are trying to make a movie, but who don’t have a clue. It will be making the festival circuit and will be released to an unsuspecting Vermont public within the year . . . Probably.

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Rob Williams and Jim Hogue discuss the upcoming movie, “Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys”

“Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys” is yet a screenplay, inspired by the real life escape of a patient from the Vermont State Mental Hospital in Waterbury in 2005. It is the story of six men and a young woman who try to make Vermont an independent republic. They secede first from the State Hospital, then join up with their fellow secessionists. The cause of independence advances because of the success of these characters in evading the constabulary, and because of the promotion of independence by more and more partisans of liberty. Those interested in taking part in this adventure at any level should please contact Jim Hogue at 802 456 1123 or JimHogue@myfairpoint.net

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Historical Plays, Productions and Entertainment

Mixed Nuts Gang

Mixed Nuts, a screw-ball musical about six inmates from the Vermont State Hospital who, while performing at a local theater, secede from the state institution and try to bring Vermonters along with them in seceding from the United States. See www.Unadilla.org

Mixed Nuts is music from the 20s and 30s, and a cast of independence-minded eccentrics who have prepared a vaudeville review on the History of Vermont directed by Dr. Elizabeth Darcy. The bizarre crew of entertainers is lead by a re-incarnated, unpredictable, and loveable Ethan Allen.

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