Ethan Allen Rides Again

Jim Hogue is a member of non-violent secessionist group in Vermont. It is his fervent belief that the people of Vermont must secede from the US if they want to survive.

Directed & produced by Kel O’Neill & Eline Jongsma

This short documentary was originally produced for the program Metropolis TV, VPRO, the Netherlands

Special thanks to the Briar Hill Farm in Plainfield, Vermont, for allowing us to use their horse, Dykedale Duke.

There is much to admire in the character of Ethan Allen. He has proved brave,
generous, and frank, true to his friends, true to his country, consistent and unyielding in his purposes, seeking at all times to promote the best interests of mankind, a lover of social harmony, and a determined foe to the artifices of injustice and the encroachments of power. Few have suffered more in the cause of freedom; few have borne their sufferings with a firmer constancy or a loftier spirit. His courage, even when apparently approaching to rashness, has been calm and deliberate.

He may have been at times eccentric and ambitious, but these weaknesses, if weaknesses they be, never betrayed him into acts dishonorable, unworthy, or selfish. His enemies never had cause to question his magnanimity, nor his friends to regret confidence misplaced or expectations disappointed. He is kind and benevolent, humane and placable.

A Narrative of Ethan Allen's CaptivityIn short, whatever his peculiarities, it must be allowed that he is a man of very considerable importance in the sphere of his activity, and that
to no individual among her patriot founders is the State of Vermont more indebted for the basis of her free institutions, and the achievement of her independence, than to Ethan Allen.

(From The Life of Ethan Allen by Jared Sparks, 1829)

What is said about Jim Hogue:

His scholarship on Ethan Allen and his place in Vermont History is impeccable. Jim is a top-notch performer, bringing alive this colorful character with professional expertise, with a voice and a demeanor true to the historical figure, and with the ability to answer questions from the audience accurately and seamlessly.

Jim is a Vermont historical treasure in the tradition of Hal Holbrook and his living characterization of Mark Twain. Jim’s Ethan Allen is alive, irreverent, educated and rough-cut. He makes Ethan relevant to our time, without compromising his historical integrity.

Jim does multiple performances around the region, including shows at Fort Ticonderoga, where he is recognized for his scholarship and his performance skill. I am very impressed by his respectful treatment of Ethan, and his historically accurate and creatively dynamic program to bring this wonderful character to life for modern audiences.

(Mac Parker, producer and performer.)